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Pastor Theresa Boateng - Her Legacy

Pastor Theresa Boateng

Church Planter │Teacher │ Intercessor│ Spiritual Parent│ Encourager

Pastor Theresa is an intercessor, teacher, revivalist and mentor. She’s spent decades devoting her life to discipleship and building the Kingdom of God. Having experience God’s changing display of power, Pastor Theresa desires to extend the same for others. She’s a worshiper ministering unto the Lord as she leads others into His presence. She intercedes as a spiritual mother for many until the birthing of purpose is revealed and manifested. Her ministry to spiritual leaders facilitates space for rest and renewal by the presence of the Lord. Pastor Theresa is used in the ministry of family, helping broken home and birthing forth legacy and destiny within your family and others. Her ministry is characterized by passionate and dynamic prayer and the relevant preaching of God’s word. Her commitment of pursuing the Lord has enabled her daughter Thelma to take her stance in Christ Jesus and gain ground for Christ, alongside her mother. Her intercession and spiritual fortitude has sustained many and has encouraged others to move forward in Christ. Pastor Theresa has dedicated her life to the service of the Lord and the advancement of his Kingdom. As a ministry family her heart felt desire is to birth and build global impacting individuals for Christ.

On June 2, 2020, Pastor Theresa graduated to heaven. She was a mother among mothers. She witness her seeds enter into ministry. Like Hannah travailed for her son and dedicated him back to the Lord – Pastor Theresa dedicated each of her five children back to God. She discipled, mentored, invested, instructed and travailed until she saw answers for her children and future generations. A spiritual mother to many she leaves a rich inheritance and legacy. The vision can continue because she left a succession plan. She demonstrated God’s love and expressed the importance of honoring relationship with Christ and others.

Pastor Theresa will be greatly missed and she was deeply loved by many. The Theresa Boateng will be accepting application for scholarships in November 2020.